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Experienced Air Conditioning Repair Technicians at Your Door

A broken air conditioner isn’t fun, plain and simple. Not only does it leave your home feeling hot, stuffy, and humid For some people, the thought of finding a service team can be stressful, but Comfort Experts Heating & Cooling believes it shouldn’t have to be.

Our team of experienced technicians service all makes and models, ensuring you get the best ac repair service in Lexington. We help you go back to a cool, dry, and comfortable home as quickly as possible.

Call the Lexington AC repair team at Comfort Experts Heating & Cooling at (803) 525-0074 or contact us online today if your air conditioner needs to be fixed and trust us to get it working again in no time!

We Repair All Types of Air Conditioner Problems

Your air conditioner may have a simple job, but it’s a far-from-simple machine. In order to provide you with the best cooling and energy efficiency, many different parts and components need to work correctly and simultaneously in perfect harmony. Even small issues could cause major disruptions throughout your entire system to the point where your entire unit could stop working.

Our experienced Lexington air conditioner repair technicians can figure out where your problem is and then implement repairs which solve it and get everything working cohesively again in no time.

We Fix Any Type of AC Repair Issue, Including:

  • Lack of cold air - If your AC is blowing warm air it's likely because of an evaporator coil that needs cleaning or your air filter needs to be changed.
  • Weak airflow - Weak airflow could be the result of obstructions or leaks in your ducts or it's possible your AC's fan is malfunctioning.
  • Strange noises, sounds, or smells - By now you should have a good idea of what your AC smells or sounds like but if you notice any abrupt changes contact our Lexington AC Repair professionals.
  • Electrical issues - If your AC simply isn't turning on, try seeing if it has tripped a circuit. If not, test another electrical appliance with the same outlet to see if it's your AC or your outlet.
  • Thermostat problems - If it doesn't feel like your indoor air temperature is at the temperature displayed on your thermostat it could be that something is wrong with your thermostat.
  • Compressor issues - If your AC is short-cycling, or turning on and off repeatedly, then it's likely your compressor that needs to be looked at.
  • Coil problems - The evaporator coil plays a crucial roll in cooling the air brought into your unit and needs a good cleaning every now and again.
  • Refrigerant leaks - Look for standing puddles underneath your AC unit and call in our AC repair experts should you notice any.

How Long Should an Air Conditioner Run?

How long your AC unit runs can depend on a number of factors, including the time of year, your home’s insulation, and what your thermostat is set at. During the warmer months you can expect your air conditioner to run more frequently than the cooler months. Ideally, the system should run for 10-15 minute intervals, when the weather is more temperate. However, if you notice your air conditioner cycling on and off, commonly referred to as short-cycling, you may be in need of a repair.

Other Signs Indicating Air Conditioner Repair Is Needed Include:

  • There is water pooling near or around the unit
  • Your utility bills are higher than normal
  • There is an increase in the humidity levels within your home

Importance of AC Maintenance

Want to keep your newly repaired system working smoothly and problem-free? Maintenance is an important part of ownership, and having your system professionally inspected and maintained once a year can drastically improve reliability and significantly cut down on the chances of a breakdown interrupting your cooling equipment’s operation.

Make sure you have your system professionally maintained by one of our Lexington AC repair specialists each year, ideally in the spring before you turn your air conditioner on for the first time.

Schedule Lexington Air Conditioner Repairs with Our Team Today!

Why should you choose Comfort Experts Heating & Cooling? We believe the answer to that question is an easy one—because we take pride in being the best at what we do. We get to the bottom of your air conditioning problem by fixing the issue at the source, not just repairing the symptoms for a quick and inexpensive fix that’s likely to fail again soon.

Our highly-trained and certified Lexington AC repair technicians are qualified to repair even the most complex problems, ensuring that you get the fix or replacement you need to get your home working again and keep it working for a long time going forward. We’re so confident that we’re going to get the job done right the first time that we back our work with a one-year warranty.

Schedule your repair service today by calling Comfort Experts Heating & Cooling at (803) 525-0074 or contact us online. 

  • “Austin was great. He did a comprehensive inspection, provided diagnosis of the problem and provide quote for the repairs and once approved, made all repairs quickly and safely. Will definitely continue to use their services for maintenance to ensure my sys”

    - Tracy D.


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