Is a Gas Log Fireplace Right For My Home?

Gas log fireplace heating home

Log fireplaces are easily one of the best ways to improve the aesthetic of your home and make any room ten times cozier. The downside with traditional fireplaces is the number of wood logs you have to burn, and all the ash left behind for you to clean. Luckily gas log fireplaces are a great way to make your home cozy and energy-efficient.

What Is a Gas Log Fireplace?

Traditional fireplaces require logs to fuel the fire, but gas log systems use a gas burner instead. You may wonder why gas log systems have logs visible, but those logs are ceramic and purely for decoration.

Depending on the gas log system you choose, you can have a vented design that uses your home’s chimney to vent outgas. Vent-free systems do not require a chimney and instead will be safe to use indoors, provided you have good air circulation.

Vent or Ventless?

When choosing a gas log system, there are some pros and cons to consider when choosing between a vented or ventless system. Vented gas logs require a chimney to help remove exhaust from saturating your home. The benefit of vented systems is that they have less gas smell due to the exhaust being vented and looking identical to traditional fireplaces.


A ventless gas log system is ideal for homeowners without a chimney and can be a little more energy-efficient as less heat escapes via the chimney. The ventless systems can give off a slight gas smell due to the lack of vents, but if installed correctly by professionals, your ventless system should be safe to use indoors.

Leaving Smoke In The Past

One of the best perks of a gas log system is the lack of smoke or embers from the fireplace that can reduce potential hazards. The issue with traditional fireplaces is that exhaust can quickly build up in your home and require constant attention to avoid smoke inhalation.

Likewise, you do not need to worry about pets or nearby items possibly being damaged by a rogue spark with a lack of embers. Do keep in mind that you should not leave it unattended for too long with any lit fire.

Maintenance Is a Breeze

The biggest clean-up job after lighting a traditional fireplace is, cleaning up the leftover smoke, embers, and ash that surround the fireplace. Not only can ash quickly build up in your chimney, not cleaning the fireplace regularly can lead to some dangerous gas building up next time you light a fire. With gas log systems, you do not need to worry about sweeping up any ashes because of the lack of wood fuel sources being burned.


With a modern gas log system, you do not need to worry about buying new logs to fuel your fire and can have the heat on demand whenever you want. The best part with gas log systems is that you can have a thermostat to regulate the warmth of your fireplace to help find the coziest setting for your home.

The Next Steps

At Comfort Experts Heating & Cooling we can help install a gas log system in your home and answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the gas log fireplace! If you are ever worried about repairs down the line for your gas log system, we have a simple and cost-efficient maintenance program just for you!


With 24-hour emergency service, a 10% discount on all repairs, and assistance with manufacturer warranty, the maintenance place will ensure you get the most out of your new fireplace. So call (803) 525-0074 today to schedule an appointment!

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